Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scene Density

My eyes are closed and I see a barn; do you?  What's it smellike, tastelike, soundlike, movelike, feellike?

Now it rains.  The color runs down plank.  Spores find homes with termites, gnawing loud against the grain.
The color drains,

away from the walls, poisining the grain.

Red now russet now sienna it fades

into the landscape, causing runoff in the fields.

Sucking green from grain into sienna into whitish, into mud without a...

The ground was thirsty.
The frost heaves crack the earth's tongue while termites slave-away.

They've been busy
Carvng beauty, story, time, age, generations, secret children's incantations

As the canvas drips

Red barn drops
from the corner

The door is gone

The scene is open
Carved by lifetimes, colored bursting lichen
Exhibit "barn" is now complete

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